Top 15 Items to Sell Online

There are a plethora of excellent reasons to sell online. Whether you’re looking to sell your coffee table or you want to sell a used car and upgrade yourself to a bright shiny new car, there is a good reason for everyone. As an online marketplace to buy and sell new and used items, A Good Find obtains a lot of data for the most popular items for sale and the trending searches for items to buy. Surprisingly enough, a lot of the popular items people want to buy are rarely the items being posted for sale.

We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently searched for items by prospective buyers. See something on the list that you own and want to sell for some quick cash? Add your listing today!

Top 15 Items to Sell Online

15) Televisions

Who doesn’t enjoy enjoy kicking back and watching a good movie or TV show? In our technology driven culture, people upgrade their TV quite often. Instead of throwing away that old flat-screen, sell it someone nearby looking to buy it!

14) Elliptical Machines

Americans love our workout equipment! Just watch a few infomercials and you’ll be overwhelmed with workout equipment that you didn’t know you needed. That said, a classic and frequently sought after device is the elliptical machine. A lot of people still search for used elliptical machines to buy!

13) Patio Furniture

Great patio furniture can be difficult to find. Even though popularity of patio furniture spikes the highest during the summer, this is still a popular search term throughout the fall as well.

12) Jewelry

Few things top elaborate jewelry for a great price. Many people yearn to showcase a fantastic jewelry item, but can’t afford to buy it brand new. Maybe think about selling that piece of jewelry that’s been hiding in your drawer and has never been worn?

11) Nightstands

A staple of bedroom furniture. Nightstands remain a trending item to buy used, as everyone needs one. We predict that nightstands will be a constant entry on our top 15 list of items to sell online.

10) Rugs, rugs, rugs

If you’ve ever moved into a new residence, then this item needs no explanation. There is a reason rugs frequently top the list of items people are looking to buy. If you have a rug you no longer use, why not sell it for some quick cash?

9) Bunk Beds

Families tend to grow faster than the number of rooms in the house. Bunk beds were a fantastic invention and have been used by families for years. They remain popular today.

8) Desks

Large desks, small desks, and everywhere in between. We all know the feeling. Something changes in life and suddenly your home office space is downsized, requiring a smaller desk. There is always someone looking for a desk like your former one.

7) Ottomans

Not only can they spice up the style of a room, but ottomans also increase the overall comfort level of the room. There are many different types of ottomans and all of them seem to remain popular.

6) Bicycles

Bikes are a great from of transportation for adults and a great source of fun for kids. While popularity of the item skyrockets in the spring and summer, they remain a frequently searched item in the southwest almost year round.

5) Chairs

Kitchen chairs, dining room chairs, and comfy chairs for curling up reading a book on an overcast fall day are all desired items to buy online. Chairs tend to remain in great shape, which is why they are a popular local resale item.

4) Dressers

As with chairs, dressers are another furniture item which remain popular for local resale due to their tendency to stay in excellent shape over time. Dressers provide both style and increased functionality to a bedroom. So before you throw your old dresser away, why not try selling it online?

3) Table

While kitchen and dining room tables are the most frequently searched tables, side, coffee and end tables are not far behind. If you have a used table of any type that you don’t need anymore, you should most definitely sell it online! Tables tend to keep their value well and can easily be converted to cash when sold via an online local resale marketplace.

2) Cars

The used auto industry is fairly well established and pricing tends to be straightforward. People in need of transportation like the idea of buying from a local individual instead of a dealer. If you are looking to sell a used car, this is the perfect way to do it!

1) Couches and sofas

People looking for couches tops the list in a big way, as it was searched more than three time as often as the second most popular term. Everyone wants a couch or sofa! If you have a couch sitting in your basement collecting dust, now is the time to sell it!

You probably sensed a trend in the list of top 15 items to sell online, as many of them are furniture items. Furniture remains a key staple in the local resale market. Check out on blog on the 5 Reasons to Sell Used Furniture Online.

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