How to Sell Sports Memorabilia

Planning to sell sports memorabilia? Have a collection of baseball cards and autographs in the basement? Our team has compiled a helpful, yet simple, guide to ensure you are able to sell your sports memorabilia efficiently and effectively. Optimize your time and energy by following the 6 step process outlined below:

1) Prepare your item for sale

It’s important to provide the best representation possible for your sports memorabilia or autograph prior to sale. A spotless and shiny item will fetch a higher price than a dirty or rusted item. It could be as simple as dusting the case containing the item, while being careful not to damage the item. If it’s something made of metal or something fragile, consider having it cleaned professionally. If you are unsure how to clean your sports memorabilia, it’s better to ask a professional than risk damaging the item.

2) Research your item’s value

This step is essential prior to selling your item. Prices of sports memorabilia or autographs can change significantly over time, as demand for various items changes with time. Be careful not to assume a price for the item based on the sale price of a similar item several years ago. The current value of your item could have easily increased significantly since the last item was sold.

It is wise to spend the time required to identify an accurate price for your item. There are online options for appraisals, such as valuemystuff, as well as offline professional services. Some areas of sports memorabilia and autographs have published pricing guides for items, such as baseball cards, but be aware that the condition of your item can greatly influence the price as well.

3) Identify the best resale market

As an online marketplace for local resale, naturally we have a slight bias towards using A Good Find. For many collectible items, selling though our platform is a perfect venue, but that is not the case for everything. Items of significant value will likely require a specialized auction specific to high value sports memorabilia. Once you identify the value and rarity of your item, it will lend itself towards finding the correct resale venue.

4) Snap high quality pictures

This step can’t be emphasized enough. It applies to every single item sold online. A picture is worth a thousand words, even more so when someone wants to buy something online. No matter how detailed your description of the item may be, people will base their decision predominantly from the images of the item. The background of the picture should provide a nice contrast to the item, especially if there is any text or signature on the item. Be sure to use adequate lighting as well. Spend the time to snap high quality pictures for your item listing; you won’t regret it!

5) Prepare a detailed description

Selling sports memorabilia provides a unique aspect when writing the item description. Since the item is a collectible, prospective buyers will want to know the history of the item. Try to provide specific detail, such as:  how you acquired it, any information you have on its history before you acquired it, and how it’s been stored in your possession. Be sure to describe the physical condition to the best of your knowledge, including any defects or damage. Full disclosure up front is the best approach for a smooth transaction in the end.

6) List the item for sale

Unless you determined that your item requires a specific sports memorabilia auction, this step is very short and sweet. Simply head over to the Share A Find page and fill in the fields with the information collected in the previous step. Happy selling!!

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