Handmade Leather Belt

Handmade Leather Belt

Whether you wear this belt every day or just for special occasions, these handmade leather belts are made to last. It could possibly be the perfect belt. Its timeless style pairs well with any casual wardrobe and is still tough enough for duty on any job site.

Made from hand cut, 1.25″ wide, strips of heavy US tanned saddle skirting hides – the same leather used to make classic American working saddles. This heavy duty belt is one layer of 12-14oz (nearly 1/4″ thick) top grain vegetable tanned leather.

Each strap is edge beveled, burnished and edge waxed by hand. Each belt has seven buckle holes spaced 1″ apart for approximately 7″ of adjustment. A heavy solid brass buckle, closed with chicago screws and a OLG finishes it off.

The natural tan color of the leather will continue to darken and patina over time and with exposure to the elements. With just a little care, this belt will last you a lifetime.

This is the belt you’ll be handing down to your grandkids, along with all the great memories and stories of your adventures you wore it on.

There are countless types of leather could use for our products but we feel there is only one that is right.  We use full grain leather that is tanned right here in the United States.  Full grain leather is some of the toughest leathers available.  Full grain leather is the top layer of the cow hide while other layers (top grain, genuine leather, swede, etc.) are all lower levels from the hide.  This means our leather maintains all it character (brands, texture, color, and scaring) and it’s strength.

We use 10-12 oz Bridle leather.  That is the same leather that has been used for centuries on saddles and horse tack.  This means it won’t wear or crack easily.  It will also start to conform and develop it’s own character over time.

Brush clean with dry cloth
Treat with Blackrock Leather-n-Rich conditioner as needed

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