Furniture Puns — Bedder Believe It!

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At A Good Find, puns are a part of who we are as a company. We simply can’t help ourselves, as even our brand name affords so many excellent pun opportunities. To highlight our punny nature, we are introducing a new blog segment: Pun Finds! This week’s segment features a compilation of the best furniture puns. Feel free to bookmark this page, as you’ll no doubt chair’ish it forever. Yeah, yeah… you aren’t sure you’ll chair less about that pun. So without further ado…

AGF’s Favorite Furniture Puns

  • Nothing really mattress, anyone can sleep, on me
  • When I’m tired, I chairish the opportunity to sit down
  • Babies love the upgrade from the bassinet, it’s in-crib-ible but also just a bedder sleeping environment
  • That couch is so incredibly comfy, anyone who sits on it becomes a Lazy-Boy
  • The cloth couch didn’t see the loose fabric as much of a thread
  • Where do you find DIY furniture tips in a bookstore? Shelf help!
  • A room full of bookcases has a lot of shelf esteem
  • “I can’t find my favorite desk!” ….. “Can you deskribe it to me?”
  • Arranging furniture? Turn on some music. You won’t have to ask: “Where does disco?”
  • When the police arrested the furniture repairman, he claimed to be upholstering the law
  • In the room the curtains were drawn, the rest of the furniture was real
  • I bed you didn’t see that coming
  • These puns aren’t getting any bedder
  • In fact, not too many good ones sofa
  • I couldn’t have said it bedder my shelf
  • Well when you couch it in those terms…

At A Good Find, we really chair for you. Hopefully that has been incredibly evident in the humor we have chaired with you today. While we would love to continue the fun, we’ll have to table this blog for now…

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