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About Little Bear Coffee

Little Bear Coffee Co. is a specialty, multi-roaster coffee shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico’s Northeast Heights. Our desire is not only to provide this city with quality coffee, but to do so humbly, welcoming all who might join us for a cup. We are passionate about education and we work hard to give each person who walks through our doors every tool necessary to learn alongside us. Teachers are only as effective as they are teachable, and whether a beginner or a novice, everyone has room to grow, and everyone needs a safe space to grow in. We hope we can be that kind of space to you. New Mexico’s nickname is the Land of Enchantment and this city - smack dab in the middle of it - is a city that we love. We exist for and because of the people who make it beautiful, and the culture than enchants it. We are a magestically diverse community - racially, spiritually, economically. In a melting pot where temptations might exist to equate “differences” with “divisions,” coffee acts as an incredible unifier, and sharing a cup gives us the opportunity to celebrate one another’s uniqueness.   There is a reason the words “coffee” and “community” hold hands like a cliché: this cup is inherently relational. The degrees of separation between us shrink over conversations that began with a farmer’s care, and traveled to this place, and into your hands. At the end of the day, people are the point. Little Bear Coffee Co. is an invitation to laugh and learn and create and share and enjoy and foster friendships and invest in the good of this city together. There is no other here... only us. Everyone is welcome at our table.