While you are certainly welcome to enjoy AGF without an account, creating an account unlocks the door for the full benefits of AGF! With an account you’ll be able to follow friends and family, tag your favs as Good Finds, share your Good Finds with your friends, earn rewards by being a top Finder, post items for sale in AGF marketplace, plus so much more!


If you are a business owner or vendor, head on over to our Membership page to explore account levels which unlock new tiers of benefits. You will be able to sell your products online directly through AGF! Why waste precious opportunities to reach the community touting you as A Good Find? Sign up today and start selling from your AGF page!

First click the Share A Find button

Then complete three simple fields, as shown below.

Easy Peasy!

Tagging something as “A Good Find” couldn’t be easier! Simply click on the AGF icon in the top left corner of the Find. Watch as the icon turns to AGF blue as you’ve successfully tagged something as A Good Find!

You sure can! In fact you can see them from your dashboard like this…

Absolutely! Take advantage of AGF Marketplace by Sharing a Find with the “Item” type. Check out the tutorial below!

Definitely! We always encourage you to share your favorite finds as much as possible! Here’s how…

There is not a limit to the amount of Finds you are able to post. Feel free to post anything and everything. Found a good local restaurant, share it as a new Find! Want to sell everything in your garage on AGF marketplace? Go for it!

Yes, they do expire after 90 days. While we wish we didn’t have to do it, we had to put a limit on how long marketplace items could remain listed. So we went generous and opted for 90 days!

At AGF, we are committed to protecting your privacy and personal information. We’ve established a robust framework designed to protect the data of all of our users. See our Privacy Policy for more details.

We’ve created a simple process to reduce your headaches. Go to the page for your business, click on the “Claim This Find” link, and then complete the short form. See the process below!

If we have any questions, we’ll follow up to confirm your claim.