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Resolutions and declarations are common with a New Year. Simplify life this year by decluttering, wh

As we start a new year, making resolutions and declarations is something most people do. We say it’s time to loose weight, eat better, volunteer more, and check a few items off that bucket list. Consider adding one more resolution to the list: simplifying your life by decluttering.

We all have closets, rooms, attics and garages full of items which most likely didn’t see the light of day in 2017. If only there was a website that was safe, secure, easy to use and community focused where you can list those unused items…hmmm. Oh wait! Only slightly singing our own praises, there is a great website to help declutter your life in 2018. can help put some cash in your pocket when you list and sell those items currently collecting dust in the spare bedroom.

Don’t go another year storing that giant kayak in the corner of the garage that hasn’t seen a drop of water since Uncle Jim sank it at the family reunion 4 years ago. Stop holding onto those baby clothes which have resided in a box for years. It’s time to let that stuff go, declutter and simplify your life. While you’re at it, why not make a little extra cash for your efforts?! Trust us, the less stuff, the less stressful life can be and who doesn’t want a less stressful life? We aren’t saying sell everything you own and live out of a backpack (unless you want too, in which case go for it). But let’s face the music; we can all live with less stuff especially if it’s stuff we really aren’t using.

So start 2018 with this resolution, “I’m going to live a decluttered life in 2018. I’m going to sell my stuff so it can be A Good Find for someone else.”  (pun always intended!)

Some resolutions are worth keeping and this is certainly one of them. Happy New Years and let’s start a decluttering revolution!

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