6 Reasons to Sell Used Baby Items Online

In an ecommerce world, there are great ways to sell used baby gear online. Explore the top six reaso

Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, your tiny bundle of snuggable joy has turned into an energetic toddler racing around the backyard. While an exciting new stage in your child’s life awaits, you are left with a plethora of gently used baby items stuffed in closets and shelves that are now outgrown by your little one. The temptation is to leave those used baby items hidden away or to throw them away during your next round of spring cleaning. However, there is a better option for emptying out the nursery closet: sell used baby items online. Here are six excellent reasons for this approach:

1) Gently Used Beats New

How many times have you bought a brand new article of clothing only to have your child wear it once? $20 for those spiffy dress shoes for your second cousin’s wedding. What if you could have bought those same shoes used for $5? The pain of your child only wearing them once before they were outgrown is significantly lessened. Not only can selling your used baby items generate some extra cash in your pocket, but it can also help out other parents looking to keep costs down.

2) The market is massive!

Used baby items are always in high demand. Parents are savvy. They understand that their 3 month old will outgrow their jeans quickly. The value in buying new items for baby is a losing game and parents know it. Certainly everyone loves buying new stuff for their kids, but parents also look to save money where it makes sense. Clothing is an excellent example because babies cycle through sizes frequently. It’s hard to keep a stocked wardrobe and becomes expensive to do so if buying new clothes all the time. There are always people wanting to buy gently used baby items!

3) Raising kids is expensive!

The cost to raise child from a baby to their college years seems to increase exponentially these days. What better way to help offset the costs of the next stage of your child’s life than to generate some revenue from their gently used baby items? Selling bigger ticket items, such as baby furniture, is basically a no brainer. Getting $200 for the crib sitting in the corner of the garage is a great deal! Even making a cool $50 bucks for a pile of gently used baby pants can go a long way.

4) Everything sells

Almost any used baby item is an excellent candidate for resale online. Used baby clothing, used baby equipment, used baby furniture, etc. if you have it, you can probably sell it. While strollers, swings, newborn clothes, and cribs tend to be the top sellers, the other used baby items are not far behind!

5) Other parents need the used baby items

It’s easy to forget about the stash of used infant onesies which was hurriedly stuffed into the garage when cycling in the 12 month clothes. Maybe you don’t have any plans to use these hardly worn onesies again, but hate to see them go to waste. Fear not, there are plenty of wonderful parents looking to put those infant clothes to good use. Maybe it’s some first time parents who are looking for a set of adorable onesies for their newborn little girl?

6) Simple, secure, convenient

In our eCommerce driven world, it’s incredibly simple to sell used baby items online. Snap a handful of pictures, populate some item details, and 53 seconds later your item is on the internet ready to be sold. But why stop there when even greater eCommerce tools sit directly within your grasp? The future of local online resale resides in the land of internet based, neighborhood marketplaces like AGF Marketplace.

While we’ve distilled the list of reasons to sell used baby items online down to these top six, there are many other excellent reasons as well. Instead of continuing our list and absorbing more of your precious day, it’s time to head to your nursery closet and start selling!

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