5 Reasons to Sell Used Furniture Online

A recent study by the Orlando Sentinel identified that there are more self-storage facilities in America than locations for three of the most popular drive-thru chains combined! There are 53,000 self-storage facilities across this great nation. Yep, you read that correctly. 53,000! Nearly one out of every ten households rents a storage facility. Think of all the cash potential sitting idle in those storage units, which brings us to the top five reasons to sell used furniture online:

1) Why pay to store past treasures when you can quickly sell used furniture online for cash?

Instead of spending money to keep your former side table in a storage unit, sell it online and earn enough cash to take the family to see a new movie. Over the years people spend countless dollars on items which then sit in storage never to be seen again. Sometimes the items are barely used before making that fateful trek to the storage dungeon. Spending just a few minutes posting an item for sale can lead to enough spare cash for a fun night out on the town. Time to go list that old computer desk on A Good Find and pay for your next steak dinner!

2) The second hand industry is booming

You might be thinking: “no one wants to buy my trundle bed.” However, according to HighBeam Business, “Furniture was one of the leading segments for growth in the used merchandise industry”. In 2015, second hand furniture sales reported revenues of ~ $1.6 billion. In the ever growing world of used furniture sales, eCommerce solutions are the leading the way into the future. More and more people are turning to local resale markets to find second hand furniture. If you are looking to sell a piece of used furniture, the odds are quite high there is someone nearby wanting to buy that exact item!

3) Declutter, declutter, declutter

We can’t say it enough: it’s time to declutter. The top reason for why so many Americans rent a storage facility is because they don’t have enough room at home. This means their house is so packed full that they are willing to pay over $100 a month in some cases for more storage space. Why not take that wooden end table crammed into the corner and sell it on A Good Find? The stress relief obtained by removing clutter is a major reward in and of itself, but why not include the added bonus of turning your clutter into cold, hard cash?

4) Someone else needs the item

It’s easy to forget about the couch which was hurriedly stuffed into the storage unit during the last move and has remained there ever since. Maybe you don’t have any plans to use it again, but hate to see it go to waste. Fear not, there are plenty of wonderful people looking to put your treasured piece of furniture to good use. Maybe it’s a first time home buyer who is desperate to buy a quality couch to create the perfect touch of home in their new living room? Or maybe it’s a college student looking for a comfy couch where they can do homework?

5) Simple, secure, and convenient

In our eCommerce driven world, it’s incredibly simple to sell used furniture online. Snap a handful of pictures, populate some item details, and 53 seconds later your item is on the internet ready to be sold. But why stop there when even greater eCommerce tools sit directly within your grasp? The future of local online resale resides in the land of internet based, neighborhood marketplaces like AGF Marketplace.

While we’ve distilled the list of reasons to sell used furniture online down to these top five, there are many other excellent reasons as well. Instead of continuing our list and absorbing more of your precious day, it’s time to head to your garage and start selling today!

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